UW Combined Fund Drive

Community connections

October 2023

Happy kickoff the 2023 UW Combined Fund Drive campaign!  

As we welcome fall with soup and sweaters, the UWCFD is excited to remind UW employees about the opportunity they have to change the world for the better. The UWCFD is YOUR workplace giving program. It is a place for you to think about what matters most to you and make a gift to support that cause. Your gift – of any size – makes a difference. 

NAMI works to remove the stigma of mental illness.

With 4,700+ organizations to choose from, sometimes it can be a challenge to find the one that speaks to you. If that’s the case for you, I encourage you to check out this year’s featured nonprofit, NAMI of Greater Seattle. For the last 40 years, NAMI Seattle has been providing mental health care services to people all over King County. They meet people where they are and there is no cost for their services. If, like me, you’ve noticed the growing need for mental health care in the community, you’ll have a sense of how much their work matters.  

With three campuses and three medical centers, we have a vast collection of amazing employees. Sometimes we get siloed in the work we do and the departments we work in. One of the remarkable things about the UWCFD is that giving provides us the opportunity to move out of those silos and connect. We connect with each other by giving. We connect with the community – and the world – by making it a better place. Those are the best kind of connections. 

Celebrating Grandma Seney’s 102 years of life.

When we come together as individuals our collective power for good grows. One person makes a bigger difference than we can imagine. I shared with you recently that at 102, my grandma passed away and we recently gathered to celebrate her life. My grandma is the person that helped create this group of people and is the reason we gathered– and this isn’t even all of us! For everyone in this picture, the decision of one person made a tremendous difference.

Now, think about our UW community. Think about your co-workers. Think about your department. Think about your school or center. Imagine the difference all of you can make by choosing to give.

I invite you to share the opportunity giving through the UWCFD provides. Our UW family is full of some of the most amazing changemakers I know. People like you. The only limit on the changes we can make when we work together is our imagination. I imagine that when we all come together, we can make the world a better place.


Jolyn Mason
Director of Employee Social Impact Programs
& Proud UWCFD donor
UWHR Employee Experience Team

P.S. Coordinators, save the date for our campaign kickoff trifecta October 11: coordinator kickoff will be IN PERSON in the Walker-Ames room at 10 a.m.;
 the annual n
onprofit expo kicks off that same day with live booths hosted by dozens of UWCFD nonprofits; and our online silent auction–with our usual amazing swag and packages–starts at 8 a.m.