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March 2023

Hi all,

February flew by and I’m not quite ready for this March to begin—but I am ready for some of the unexpected delights this month brings brings. I love seeing tulips and daffodils start making their way out of the ground and into stores. Both are such a lovely reminder to appreciate the simple beauty around us.

Other things that delight me about March? Well, Women’s History Month for one. This year, we are hosting our first nonprofit expo since 2019 (!) to highlight the efforts of organizations that are serving women and girls. As a child of the 70’s & 80’s, when there were fewer opportunities for women and girls, I am delighted by the progress being made. As a realist, however, I know there is still work to do.

Join us for the nonprofit expo Tuesday, March 28 in the UW Tower

Other cool stuff in March? Dress for Success is partnering with amazing women across the UW campus to highlight the Your Hour Her Power campaign. They are inviting you to donate one hour (or more!) of pay to Dress for Success. Their programs are more than just a new outfit—they offer women a path to economic equality. Good stuff.

Many of you know that music plays a big part in my life. I’m a self-described band mom and I love sharing music with my kids and my community. The last few days, my beloved KEXP has been bringing me the music I wanted and didn’t know I needed. I hope this month brings you a favorite song when you need it or a new favorite when you least expect it.

Spring is about renewal and rebirth and I can’t wait to see what this spring has in store for us. I hope it features unexpectedly warm sun, pretty flowers and a good song at just the right moment.

Welcome spring!


Jolyn Mason
Campaign Manager
UW Combined Fund Drive

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