UW Combined Fund Drive

Community connections

Welcome June!  

Also, welcome to our third year of amazing newsletters! During the pandemic, the UWCFD rebooted our newsletter to create a space where we could share the amazing work of our nonprofit partners. It has been a project that has succeeded well beyond what we expected. Thank you for continuing to learn more about the community we live and work in and the ways we can impact it. 

Speaking of impact, over 50 years ago, the Stonewall uprising marked a turning point in the LBGTQ+ call for civil rights. In the Northwest, we are fortunate to have many great organizations carrying forward the call for equity that started at Stonewall. To learn more about some of that work, please join us for our Lunch & Learn – Pride edition! on June 21

Rocking all 20 shops on the 2023 Puget Sound Local Yarn Store Tour

If you missed our dog biscuit making event, let us know. We’re happy to send you a link to a great demo video from Summit Assistance Dogs and we’ve got the recipe if you want to treat your doggo to a homemade treat. They’ll love it! So will your cat if you have a weirdo cat like I do. 

I took a little time off this month to fully embrace my knitting nerd and it was glorious. I was reminded once again of how meaningful it can be to be part of a community. At UW, the CFD is one of those places where we connect our employees to the broader community. When we move forward together, there is so much we can do.  

Speaking of moving forward together, my oldest is graduating from high school. When I started with the UWCFD, he was starting kindergarten. I can’t believe what a delightful surprise that time has been and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. 

Happy start of summer! Happy Pride! Happy graduation! 

Just happy, 


Jolyn Mason
Campaign Manager
UW Combined Fund Drive

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