UW Combined Fund Drive


Donate your time! Volunteering is a great way to support your favorite nonprofit. Plus, it is a lot of fun.

Check out volunteer opportunities related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Team UWCFD is comprised of YOU, coordinators, campaign assistants, UWCFD staff and volunteers, and key campus community members. When you volunteer, your work benefits donors, nonprofit organizations and our community.

Fun fact: in Washington state, each hour you volunteer saves a nonprofit more than $30.00 an hour!

Volunteer in the community

Your help make a real difference to organizations in our community. Learn more ways to get involved and make an impact on your neighbors and the residents of our community.


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Be a campaign coordinator

Do good and have fun at work. Your work helps the nonprofit and the UW community be better.


UWCFD Events Committee

Want to take a more active role in the UWCFD? Consider joining the UWCFD Events Committee. The committee includes volunteers from across campus and representatives from local nonprofits.


The Volunteer Tracker tool is also located in your CFD account and you can easily track your time spent volunteering for CFD member charities. The gift of time makes a difference.