UW Combined Fund Drive

About the UWCFD

Established in 1984, the Combined Fund Drive (CFD) is the state’s workplace giving campaign providing faculty, staff and retirees the opportunity to give to their favorite charities.

UW employees take the opportunity to give seriously. You’ve heard the call to make a difference – you donate more and volunteer more than anyone else! Think we’re exaggerating? We’re not. Our employees are regularly recognized as some of the most generous with their time and money.

This is YOUR workplace giving campaign. You choose your favorite organization, make a gift and the world becomes a better place. It’s so easy.

How can I become more involved in the UWCFD?
Volunteer to serve as your department’s campaign coordinator during the fall campaign. You may also join the UWCFD Events Committee to help promote the campaign and plan and execute campus wide events. Email uwcfd@uw.edu for details.

What are the administrative costs for the Combined Fund Drive?
The Combined Fund Drive takes a small percentage for fundraising and gift processing based on our annual expenses. In 2019, that was 10.97%*. Overall, workplace giving is one of the most cost effective forms of fundraising for a nonprofit organization. The CFD is allowed by state law to deduct reasonable administrative costs* from the campaign contributions to run the campaign (WAC 357-55).

Combined Fund Drive WACs

The UW Combined Fund Drive is an official part of state business. That means, with your supervisor’s approval, you can work on CFD business during work time.

The Washington Administrative Codes (WACs) that are used to define the operations of the Combined Fund Drive are under Chapter 434-750. WACs are used much like legislation and the Constitution, and are a source of primary law in Washington State. For more information on WACs, visit the Washington Administrative Code website.