UW Combined Fund Drive

Why give?

The best reason? It feels good.

Beyond that, you can make a large gift in small increments over the year. Plus, University of Washington employees’ collective giving power is transforming the world locally, nationally and internationally.

It’s important to be a good steward in the community. By giving to charity, we are sharing what we have with others who do not have something that they need. It could be a meal, an opportunity to provide their child with a small gift during the holidays or may even lead to a better life for them in the future.
~ Betty, Radiology

Benefits to UW Employees

Your donations make a difference! They help build stronger, healthier communities across a range of causes.

It’s easy to give. You decide the amount of the gift and when you want to make it.

There is something for everyone. There are nearly 5,000 organizations working in education, medical research, human services, the arts, the environment, disaster relief, and animal welfare are in the campaign. Can’t find your favorite? Write it in.

The organizations you support appreciate it. Workplace giving saves organizations time and money allowing more of your gift to go directly to work for the nonprofit. They can budget and leverage additional support.

Contributions are tax deductible. Your year-end giving will all be in one place – your W-2. No more hunting downs letter from nonprofits at tax time.

We’re all in this together. Volunteers run the annual campaign and when we add all our gifts together, they have a big impact. The UW gives back. It’s who we are.

I believe humans (and animals) are one giant community, and that each of us has likely been positively impacted by the generosity of a stranger at some point in our lives. Finding a path to return that generosity is an important part of being a positive contributor to our whole community ecosystem. Giving is part of being a good human.
~ Jennifer McCullar, CoMotion

Benefits to Nonprofits

Let’s talk about what’s in it for the nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations appreciate workplace giving because it is an inexpensive way for them to raise money. At the end of the campaign, they receive a report telling them what was raised and they can plan and budget accordingly knowing they have a steady income stream coming throughout the year.

Instead of holding an event or sending direct mail, UW volunteers help do the work for the nonprofit. With four quarterly transactions to process – instead of 40 or 400 – nonprofits save time and money on administrative overhead allowing more of your gift to go to their mission.

It’s important to support our community. CFD provides an easy way to give in a consistent manner with thousands of opportunities to choose from. I give to the organizations that touch my heart with their mission.
~ Jeannette, UW Finance Transformation