UW Combined Fund Drive

Do Good, Feel Good: Have an Impact

UW Combined Fund Drive staff have put together a variety of resources to assist you with identifying, connecting with, and engaging on behalf of causes about which you are passionate.

Make a difference in your community and the greater world. Living with impact feeds life into you and those around you. Whether giving back, standing up for various causes you believe in, staying informed and aware, or simply being kind, there is always work to be done to make our communities stronger.

Do Good, Feel Good: Have an Impact Checklist


Check out these organizations working to help social advocates develop bridge-building and activism skills.



Participate in Dare to Do 2022, a 22-day Wellness Challenge through The Whole U that features an impact challenge.


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The Mini-Series

The Mini-Series is a collection of short interviews with a diverse range of perspectives about having an impact.