UW Combined Fund Drive

Join a UWCFD Giving Circle

You can become a member and join the many UW donors who give leadership-level amounts through the UW Combined Fund Drive. All giving circle members receive special recognition from UW President Ana Mari Cauce and a UW Combined Fund Drive philanthropist pin.

Become a Giving Circle member today

Indicate your Giving Level participation (gold, silver or bronze) by checking the appropriate box on your pledge form or give online. UWCFD will verify your pledge amount.

You may choose to remain anonymous on Giving Circle donor lists. You may also choose to give anonymously to your charities by checking the appropriate box on your giving form.

The money raised through the UW Combined Fund Drive Giving Circle program has an amazing impact on our community. Each year, through your UWCFD gift, you can make a difference in a meaningful way.

Gold Philanthropist
$1,200 per year (just $50 per pay period)

Your $100/month gift can:

  • Cover lights and heat for a family in transitional housing apartments.
  • Provide 52 hot showers and basic hygiene products for a month offering dignity to those who are homeless and seeking employment.
  • Give a high school student the opportunity to work with a mentor in Environmental Science for their culminating senior project.

Silver Philanthropist
$600 per year (only $25 per pay period)

Your $50/month gift can:

  • Provides art supplies for 120 young artists.
  • Bottle feed a litter of kittens for their first four weeks of life.
  • Give shelter and first aid to 85 disaster survivors.

Bronze Philanthropist
$300 per year ($12.50 per pay period – less than a dollar per day!)

Your $25/month gift can:

  • Provide six water filters to an orphanage or school, ensuring clean water for up to 400 children.
  • Provide permanent investment in two square feet of land, ensuring that the stability and security of homeownership is always an affordable and accessible option for modest-income households.
  • Provide an emergency preparedness kit to a low-income senior.

Sources: UW Combined Fund Drive, New Beginnings, American Red Cross, Safe Crossings Foundation, Art Corps, MEOW Cat Rescue, Leukemia Research Foundation, Friendly Water for the World, Seattle area Homestead Community Land Trust, Northwest Hope & Healing Patient Assistance Fund.