UW Combined Fund Drive

For nonprofits

Want to be part of the Combined Fund Drive? It’s easy. There are three simple requirements that must be met in order to be a member with the CFD.

  1. Make sure that your organization has an approved Federal IRS 501c3 or 170c1 status.
  2. Register your organization with the Office of the Secretary of State Charities Program in Washington State. Please make sure to provide them with all necessary paperwork. Once registered with the OSOS Charities Program, you’ll be eligible to register with the CFD. Additionally, keep your registration with the Office of the Secretary of State Charities Division in an active status.
  3. Submit a CFD Membership Application.

Join the Speakers Bureau

Want to make sure you get invites to on-campus events and updates on what we are doing? Email us at uwcfd@uw.edu and we’ll add you to our Speaker’s Bureau!

Frequently asked questions

When are funds distributed?
Funds are distributed quarterly in April, July, October and January. Most are distributed via an electronic funds transfer. Donor information is updated quarterly as well.

How do I update my organization information in the state CFD database?
You can make changes and updates to your organization or contact the Combined Fund Drive office in Olympia via email at CFD@sos.wa.gov or 360-902-4162.

How do I find out what the total raised for our organization is?
At the end of the campaign, you will receive a detailed charity report from the state Combined Fund Drive Office.

Is there are cost to be part of the Combined Fund Drive?
The Combined Fund Drive takes a small percentage for fundraising and gift processing based on our annual expenses. In 2022, the average administrative fee was 11.39%. Overall, the Combined Fund Drive is the most efficient way to raise large amounts of money at a very small cost and assures the maximum possible funding goes directly to charities.
Workplace giving one of the most cost effective forms of fundraising for a nonprofit organization and it provides even lower risk than any of the major fundraising models.

Are all public sector employee campaigns the same?

  • The UW Combined Fund Drive (UWCFD) is part of the employee giving program for Washington State employees, the Combined Fund Drive (CFD).
  • The KCEGP is the King County Employee Giving Program for King County employees.
  • The CFC is the Combined Federal Campaign, the workplace giving program for employees of the Federal government.

All three programs have different eligibility requirements and separate application processes. Therefore, acceptance into one does not imply acceptance into the others. Please check with the other programs to see if you are a part of their workplace giving programs.