Human Resources

Change in Background Check Fees and Business Process

Due to Sterling Check’s acquisition of A-Check America, UW’s background check vendor, there will be certain changes to background check business processes that will take effect this spring.

In March, Sterling will retire the A-Check brand and migrate UW’s services to Sterling’s business platforms. We believe the changes below, enabled by Sterling’s service model, will create efficiencies for departmental HR and finance teams and streamline the hiring process.

  • Sterling will run all prehire background checks. Currently, Campus Recruitment runs the Washington Access to Criminal History (WATCH) check and A-Check completes all other background check components. The existing process requires reconciling two invoices per hire and maintaining current billing information with both UWHR and A-Check. Having Sterling complete all background checks will eliminate redundancies and reduce both billing errors and hiring delays.
  • Hiring departments will provide ProCard billing information directly and solely to Sterling. ProCard holders will also have direct access to Sterling to request invoices and receipts when needed.
  • The total cost of UW’s core background check package will increase from $29.55 to $33.25 per hire. Consistent with current practices, the cost for a specific finalist may be higher if the individual’s residency history requires additional county, state and/or international reports.

Additional information about these changes will be shared in advance of these change effective dates.