Disability Services Office


If you are in need of Deaf and hard of hearing assistance, contact the Coordinator of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at least 10 working days before the services are required. You may also request information on assistive listening devices (FM Systems, loops, etc.), TTYs, and other resources related to hearing loss.Please provide the following pieces of information with your request:

  • Your name and contact information and today’s date
  • The name of person/persons needing services
  • Dates of service
  • Start time for service
  • End time for service
  • Location (building and room)
  • Details of assignment including the title of the event if any and the type of the event (such as lecture, presentation, meeting, concert, staff retreat, training)
  • Type of service requested (such as interpreting, captioning, amplification services, TTYs)