Disability Services Office

Deaf and hard of hearing service providers guidance

Deaf and hard of hearing service providers are an important part of the UW community. Coordination of DHOH services is managed by the UW’s Disability Services Office (DSO).

How to become a service provider

The University relies on a pool of prequalified certified ASL interpreters and certified real-time captioners to provide services to students, employees, and member of the public attending University-sponsored activities at all campuses including UW Tacoma, UW Bothell, and satellite locations and offsite events. The first step in becoming a service provider is to review and complete the Interpreter & Real-Time Captioning Services RFQQ (MS Word).

How to invoice DSO for services rendered

The contractual 30-day payment term begins when an accurate invoice is received. Invoices must be submitted in approved format (detailed below) on a regular and timely basis – no greater than once a week and no longer than once a month.

Send Invoices and related communications must be sent to DSOinv@uw.edu.

  • Include your invoice number(s) in the subject line of your email and attach your invoice(s).
  • Service providers should submit invoices within a month of completing an assignment. Invoices received 30 days after the assignment may be subject to delay.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the service provider to submit accurate invoices. DSO cannot amend invoices in any way due to legal restrictions. Invoices requiring changes will be returned.
  • If DSO returns an invoice due to a discrepancy, the contractual 30 day payment term resets and will begin upon submission of an accurate invoice.
  • An accurate invoice will include all the information outlined in the “Invoice Completion Instructions” section below. (This information is captured in your Individualized Template provided by DSO.)

Invoice completion instructions

Service providers use the individually populated templates provided by DSO for invoicing or their own invoicing software if it meets the requirements outlined in the Functional Requirement Guidance.

  • Each invoice requires a unique invoice number generated in the Invoice Number Field. Unique invoice numbers may only be numeric values and are limited to 10 characters.
  • Each row should include the following information:
    • Name of client or event (e.g. “John Smith” or “Do-It Luncheon”) – Include as much detail as possible
    • Service description (e.g. ASL- Psych 101a, or CART- Anthro 309)
    • Start and end time of the assignment activity (e.g. 8:40 AM, 10:35 AM).
    • Check to ensure your hourly rate is correct.
  • Retained Time:
    • Billable time not part of the assigned activity time must be labeled and identified as “Retained time” in the Service/Description column, which must be on a separate row from the designated assignment time.
  • Each row will include information for only one segment of assigned activity or retained time. Note: One service date may include multiple assignments and/or multiple requests for retained times

Template features

  • Once populated with assigned activity or retained time, each row auto-calculates the total and the grand total will be updated after addition of each row.
  • Miscellaneous charges should be listed separately in the “Pre-Approved Charge” section.
  • The INVOICE TOTAL line auto-calculates to include the assigned time, retained time, and pre-approved charges.
  • Any locked portions of the individually populated template shall not be edited. DSO will edit locked portions accordingly.

Check out a sample of what an acceptable invoice looks like: . Here is a sample invoice that is not in compliance with UW’s invoicing standards:

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a service provider for DSO?

Please see Request for Quote and Qualifications (RFQQ) and Addendum linked on the Vender Resource Page.

How do I request an individually populated template?

Template will be provided by DSO upon designation of assignment.

What if I have invoicing software I would like to continue to use?

Venders are permitted to use professional invoicing software if the software meets the functional requirements outlined in the Functional Requirement Guidance.

Where do I send my invoice for payment?

All requests for payment should be emailed to DSOinv@uw.edu

How often should I submit invoices?

Service providers are expected to submitted invoices no greater than once a week, and no less than once a month. Service providers should submit invoices within one month of completing an assignment.

Who do I contact for support during the registration/onboarding process?

Email DSO@uw.edu

When will I receive payment once an accurate invoice is submitted? 

If invoices are submitted on a timely basis and accurately, payment will be generated within 30 days.

How do I edit the individually populated invoice? 

Please see Template Instructions for guidance on individually populated templates.