Disability Services Office

Disability services for non-matriculated students

The Disability Services Office (DSO) provides accommodation, referral information, and assistance for nonmatriculated students with a documented physical, mental, or sensory disability.

Nonmatriculated students are non-degree-seeking individuals taking courses offered by Professional & Continuing Education, Certificate Programs, International & English Language Programs, Online Learning, UW in the High School and Summer Youth Programs.

Accommodations are determined for each student on an individual basis based on input from a health-care provider. Potential accommodations include, but are not limited to: note taking, books on tape, sign language interpreters, room relocation, priority registration, and additional time on exams.

Requesting accommodation

If you are a nonmatriculated student who believes that a medical condition is affecting your academic performance or ability to participate in University activities, we strongly encourage you to contact us to discuss your accommodation needs. If you are a new nonmatriculated student, schedule an appointment well in advance of the quarter you plan to attend. If you are currently enrolled, you can set up an appointment at any time.

During your appointment, you will discuss your needs with a Disability Services representative to determine reasonable accommodations. Be sure to ask what kind of health-care provider documentation you need to provide.


It is your choice whether to disclose your disability to your instructor. To assist you, we can prepare a letter for you to submit to your instructor regarding your disability and your accommodation needs. We will not discuss or disclose your medical information unless you give us written permission to do so. When we talk with your instructor, we discuss how needed accommodations can be implemented, not the nature of your disability.

DSO is not involved in University admission. For undergraduate admission information, contact the Office of Admissions at 206-543-9686 or askuwadm@uw.edu. For graduate admission information, contact Graduate Admissions at 206-543-5929 or uwgrad@uw.edu.