Benefits by career stage

We recognize the great diversity of paths that bring employees through our halls. The Human Resources’ Benefits office wants to support you as you continue your path with us.

How these pages work

At every stage of your career, there are different benefits programs that you may want to take advantage of. These benefits can help you maximize your retirement savings, get help managing life’s hurdles, save money, and more. We’ve assembled five career stage webpages that list benefits and resources that we think you’ll find useful.

Career stages

Your career is based on your own story, and may not progress sequentially through the stages listed here. You may have returned to school for your second or third career and be embarking on the early career stage all over again. Whatever your story, click the icon(s) that you think best describes you.


Students are actively attending school and might be accumulating student loan debt, living within a tight budget, or experiencing food insecurity.

Early career employees have recently entered their careers and might be paying off student loans, saving for retirement, and enjoying a steady income.
Middle career employees have been in their careers for several years but aren’t nearing retirement.
Near-retirement employees are within ten years of retirement and might be thinking about what post-retirement finances and lifestyles look like.
Retired UW employees have successfully completed the UW Retiree process and are still part of the UW community with exclusive UW Retiree perks.

Benefits checklist

Check-in with this website and review your benefits checklist to make sure that you are taking advantage of your benefits.

Have you maximized your retirement savings? Even an extra 25$/paycheck adds up over time!
Check to see how UW CareLink helps you find balance in your life.
What child care needs do you have and what child care needs are coming up in your future?
Secure your income when the unexpected happens – have you signed up for optional long term disability and optional life insurance?
Take advantage of classes and activities that improve your skills and connect you with the UW community.