Spring into Summer with SmartHealth

Spring into summer this year by signing up with SmartHealth, the HCA’s unique, interactive health and wellness program.

Through SmartHealth, you can create your own program, earn incentive points by following through on healthful activities, and virtually interact with other members for mutual support and encouragement. Eligible subscribers can accumulate points for a chance to win gift cards, vacation getaway offers, random prize drawings, and a $125 wellness incentive if they reach 2000 points by September 30, 2017 (or within 120 days for new benefit subscribers).

How SmartHealth works    

Available to all PEBB program members, SmartHealth interfaces with participants through a secure, easy-to-use website where members select from a wide range of activities and then track progress toward personalized goals.

Naturally, the cornerstone of SmartHealth is a focus on nutrition, rest and exercise, but it also offers points for health activities such as health checkups, or for engaging in national health observances such as American Heart month.

More than just an exercise program, SmartHealth can also help you explore personal growth. Through SmartHealth you can gain techniques to manage stress and depression, learn about financial well-being and/or how to foster positive relationships with yourself and others. You can also journal and/or share your progress with others, or create health challenges and invite others in the SmartHealth community to participate in the fun.

Take a moment to explore the SmartHealth site and look over the catalog of wellness incentive activities, one of which is sure to interest you. Here’s a sample of what’s being offered this month:

  • Track your zzzz’s – 100 pts.
  • Plant a garden – 50 pts.
  • A taste of cardio – 75 pts./wk
  • Don’t overthink it – 25 pts./wk

And be sure to check out SmartHealth’s three topics of focus this quarter: Craving Slayer Go to Bed Already! Protect Your Back