Physician Assistants students: LTD insurance

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance protects your ability to earn an income should you suffer a debilitating illness or injury that keeps you from working or attending school. The MedPlus Advantage plan, sponsored by the American Medical Association, is designed to meet the unique needs of health care professionals.

Full-time students enrolled in the MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program at the University of Washington are eligible for this coverage.

Coverage and benefits

The plan’s certificate describes the plan in detail. Download it by going to the MedPlus Advantage website and entering the ID number 644228. You can also download the plan summary (highlight sheet) and the global travel services brochure.

Coverage for each plan year is effective from July 1 though June 30.


Enrollment forms must be completed and submitted within 31 days of starting at the University of Washington or during annual open enrollment (month of June) to obtain coverage without having to prove you are in good health. Enrollment outside of the annual open enrollment period will require you to provide evidence that you’re in good health.

The annual premium is $93.08 (for year 1) and $108.59 (for years 2+). It must be paid in full upon application then annually thereafter.

To enroll in LTD insurance:

  1. Complete the Physician Assistants Group Disability Insurance Plan (PDF)
  2. Mail the application and a check for the premium to the address listed on the application

Enrolling after the first 31 days of school or outside the annual open enrollment period

If you miss your application date and wish to apply for coverage after the first 31 days of starting school or outside the annual open enrollment period, you will be required to complete a Medical History Statement authorizing Standard Insurance Company to obtain information about your health, and may also be required to undergo a physical examination in order to determine evidence of good health. Please print a copy of your Medical History Statement. Mail your application form, medical history form and annual premium payment to the address listed on the application. If approved, your coverage becomes effective on the date the insurance is approved.

File a claim

Standard Insurance must receive written notice of a claim before the end of the 90-day elimination period. For assistance in filing a claim, contact Parker, Smith & Feek and ask for the benefits department.