Find a Preferred Provider or Primary Care Physician

Finding the right provider is important, but while planning for your medical needs, you should also consider finding a provider in your plan network.

Why use preferred providers?

When you see a preferred provider

  • You pay less.
  • Preventive care series (including immunizations) are covered in full.
  • The provider submits claims and pre-authorization request to the plan on your behalf.
  • The provider won’t bill you for more than the plan allowed amount.

Searching for a preferred provider is easy when you search through your plan. You can also search for related services such as pharmacies, urgent care centers and hospitals, or, you can use advanced search strategies to find providers within specific mile radius who accept your plan.

To find a provider, use the search links on the Plan Networks page of the Benefits website, or through the Find a Provider page posted by the Health Care Authority.