Flexible Spending Account Grace Period

Did you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through December 31, 2016?

If you did not spend all the funds in your Medical FSA by December 31, 2016 you have a 2½ month grace period – from January 1 through March 15, 2017 – to incur claims against your FSA through Navia Benefit Solutions. All eligible FSA expenses for services provided from January 1 through March 15, 2017, should be submitted to Navia so they can automatically process claims against the 2016 plan year or until your 2016 account balance reaches zero.

If you reenrolled in a Medical FSA for 2017, any claims incurred up until March 15, 2017 will be applied first to unused funds from the 2016 plan year whether you use your debit card (see below) or submit a claim.

The FSA grace period ends March 31, 2017. Navia will accept a reimbursement request from enrollee’s through March 31, though date of service for a claim must be prior to March 15, 2017. Money left in your account after March 31, 2017 cannot be refunded and will be forfeited to the plan administrator, the Health Care Authority

Note: If you elected the Consumer-Directed Health Plan with a Health Savings Account for plan year 2017, you were required to incur services, file claims, and receive reimbursements for 2016 FSA expenses by December 31, 2016.