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U-PASS benefit

U-PASS eligibility for current employees and new hires

The University of Washington provides eligible employees a fully subsidized U-PASS to encourage the use of public transportation. The U-PASS benefit is loaded onto eligible employees’ Husky Cards. It has no cash value if it is not used.

Employees eligible for subsidized U-PASS

Beginning July 1, 2022, all personnel who are receiving wages from the University of Washington will be eligible for a fully subsidized U-PASS. If you previously were paying for an annual or quarterly U-PASS, you do not have to take any action to stop payments. They will stop automatically with the pay period ending June 30, 2022.

The new benefit does not apply to:

  • student hourly employees,
  • academic student employees,
  • unpaid academics,
  • affiliates or other appointees who are not paid by the University of Washington,
  • UW retirees unless they are in a retiree rehire position.

Employees who do not qualify for the fully subsidized pass may be eligible to purchase a quarterly or annual U-PASS through their campus transportation office: Seattle, Bothell or Tacoma.

If you have a current Husky Card with a smart chip, log into MyUW and select “Accounts” from the left side menu.

  • When the U-PASS membership status is set to “current,” you are eligible and your U-PASS benefit is activated.
  • If the U-PASS membership is set to “not current,” you may be in an ineligible position OR if you are a new hire, there may be a delay in receiving your information.
    • If you are an existing employee and believe you should be eligible because you are not a student hourly employee, academic student employee, unpaid academic, affiliate or other appointee not paid by the University of Washington, please contact your department’s HR representative to confirm your appointment is accurate in Workday; if you are a medical centers employee, contact If your HR representative confirms that they need to update your information in Workday, please allow 48 hours after the transaction is complete before rechecking your U-PASS eligibility status in MyUW.
    • If you are a new hire, please contact your department’s HR representative (medical center employees contact to ensure your new hire information is in Workday. Once your new hire information is in Workday, you will be able to obtain a Husky Card. Once you have your Husky Card, your U-PASS benefit takes approximately 24 – 48 hours to be activated in the ORCA system. You can recheck your U-PASS eligibility status in MyUW.
  • If you do not have a Husky Card or a current Husky Card with a smart chip, your U-PASS membership will default to “not current” in MyUW. Visit the Employee Husky Card website for information on how to get a new or replacement card.
  • If you hold an intermittent or per diem staff appointment, you will be U-PASS eligible when your appointment is active in Workday.
  • If you hold a cyclic faculty or staff appointment, you remain U-PASS eligible during your summer hiatus.
  • Your eligibility is not impacted by an approved leave of absence.

Remember: It can take 24 to 48 hours for systems to update after you have your Husky Card so please plan that into your first few days commuting to work if you are a new or returning employee.

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