UW Combined Fund Drive

July 7, 2022

Why do you give? Tell us your story!

Why do you give through the UWCFD? Click here and tell us your why.   

The reasons that people give have been studied and shared many times. We know giving is good for you and good for society. It increases happiness and makes us healthier, it can help us fight feelings of powerlessness, and there is evidence that giving is part of our evolutionary strength and that the communities that are cooperative and supportive are stronger. 

I believe humans (and animals) are one giant community, and that each of us has likely been positively impacted by the generosity of a stranger at some point in our lives. Finding a path to return that generosity is an important part of being a positive contributor to our whole community ecosystem. Giving is part of being a good human.
~ Jennifer, CoMotion

Charitable giving is also contagious and that when we give it inspires others to give. At the UW Combined Fund Drive, we believe that the generosity of the UW community makes us stronger and that by sharing our stories of why we give we can inspire other.  

It’s important to be a good steward in the community. By giving to charity, we are sharing what we have with others who do not have something that they need. It could be a meal, an opportunity to provide their child with a small gift during the holidays or may even lead to a better life for them in the future.
~ Betty, Radiology

Why do you give through the UWCFD? Click this link and tell us your why.   

It’s important to support our community. CFD provides an easy way to give in a consistent manner with thousands of opportunities to choose from. I give to the organizations that touch my heart with their mission.
~ Jeannette, UW Finance Transformation