Dental plans

Smile, your dental insurance is fully covered as part of your benefits package. All you need to do is pick a plan and enroll. Once you enroll, you don’t have to pay a monthly premium and coverage is automatic.

Because everyone has different dental needs, we provide you with three different dental plans to choose from:

  • DeltaCare
  • Willamette Dental Group
  • Uniform Dental Plan (UDP)

To choose the best plan for you and your family, use the information on this page to compare the different provider networks and costs of each plan, or review the Health Care Authority’s 2024 Dental Benefits comparison chart.

There’s one thing to note as you get started – the plan names can get a little confusing. Both DeltaCare and UDP are administered by Delta Dental of Washington. You’ll find both plans on the Delta Dental website. But when searching for a dentist, make sure you know the plan network and group number; then use that information to verify that a dentist accepts the insurance.

You’re eligible to enroll in a dental plan if you meet eligibility requirements for PEBB insurance. New employees must pick a plan and enroll within 31 days to avoid delayed coverage.

You can find step-by-step instructions for enrolling in benefits on the Employee Workday Help website.

Provider networks

Each plan has its own network of dentists, and you’ll want to pick a network containing a dentist that you want to use. In general, the bigger the network the more choice you have, but in return for that freedom, your costs for care — your out-of-pocket costs — will be more.

With more than 3,400 dentists, UDP has Washington’s largest network, plus you get coverage when you travel outside the state. You’re allowed to use non-network dentists, though you’ll pay slightly more (10% more generally).

With the DeltaCare and Willamette plans, you’re required to select a primary care dentist from their network when you enroll. This dentist manages all your dental care needs, which includes referring you to a specialist when necessary. While you always have the option to change your primary care dentist, you must receive all care from within the plan’s network. Otherwise, you’ll pay the full cost of care.

Though DeltaCare and Willamette each have a smaller network than UDP, all three plans feature an array of dentists. Visit the websites listed below to browse each plan’s network. Call the plan directly if you want to find out whether a specific dentist is in the plan’s network.

Plan Plan group Network Find a dentist online
(administered by
Delta Dental of WA)
Group 3100 DeltaCare DeltaCare plan search
Willamette Dental Group n/a Willamette Willamette Dental locations
(administered by
Delta Dental of WA)
Group 3000 Delta Dental PPO Delta Dental PPO plan search

Cost and coverage overview

UW covers the cost of dental premiums for employees and their dependents. To learn about your cost shares under these plans, review the Certificate of Coverage documents linked below.


Plan Deductible Yearly plan maximum Costs for services Certificate of Coverage
DeltaCare (administered by Delta Dental of WA) None No general plan max DeltaCare coverage DeltaCare COC
Willamette Dental Group None No general plan max Willamette Dental Coverage Willamette COC
(administered by Delta Dental of WA)
$50/person $150/family You pay amounts over $1,750 UDP coverage UDP COC

Plan ID Cards

The Uniform Dental Plan does not mail ID cards, but you may download one from the plan’s website. The other dental plans will send you an identification (ID) card to show to providers when you receive care. If you have questions about your ID card, contact your plan directly.