GAIP: Self-pay option

In some situations, you may be eligible to receive GAIP health coverage by paying for it yourself. The self-pay option allows you to either continue your existing coverage or get coverage when your position doesn’t provide UW-paid coverage. Outside of loss of UW-paid coverage during the plan year (described below), the UW Benefits office must approve your eligibility for the self-pay option.
While on self-pay, if you’re not registered for classes and do not pay the student activity fee, your benefits at Hall Health will be paid at the network level of benefits.


You may be eligible for the self-pay GAIP option if:

  • You lose eligibility for UW-paid GAIP coverage
  • An outside source pays for your position
  • You’re on approved academic leave
Loss of UW-paid coverage

If your job is ending, you can continue your GAIP coverage using the self-pay option. Once you enroll, your coverage will continue through the end of the plan year, which ends on September 30.

LifeWise will automatically send you a self-pay election notice once they receive notice that your position is ending. This notice includes a deadline to respond.

Appointment paid by an outside source

If you’re paid by an outside source (UW doesn’t administer your paycheck), you’re eligible for the self-pay option if you:

  • Have a position in an eligible job class, AND
  • Receive paid-direct funding at $800 per month or greater for at least one academic quarter, AND
  • Are enrolled in at least 10 credits for that same quarter.

Contact your department coordinator if you would like to enroll. Your department must request the self-pay option on your behalf. You may enroll during the quarter your position was established and continue your coverage for the rest of the plan year, which ends September 30.

Note that Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) fellows are eligible to participate in the self-pay program, provided the same procedures (above) are followed.

Academic leave

You can use the self-pay option during academic leave as long as you are in a GAIP-eligible position before your leave, and you’ll be returning to a GAIP-eligible position after your leave.

After your department approves your leave request, send the following documents to the UW Benefits office:

GAIP - Petition for Self-Pay Graduate Appointee Insurance While on Academic Leave (PDF)

A copy of your graduate leave approval confirmation which you will receive after your leave request is approved by your graduate program and you have paid the graduate leave fee.

International Student leave requests will also have an additional approval requirement from the International Student Services Office.

See GAIP leave of absence for information regarding continuation of coverage while on an approved ASE contract leave of absence.

Self-pay premiums

Once enrolled in the self-pay option, you pay the monthly premium for yourself and any dependents. You also have to pay an administrative fee, which is included in the monthly premium figures for the plan year listed below.

2023 – 2024 premium rates (effective October 1, 2023):

Coverage classification Monthly premium
(2023-2024 plan year)
Student Only $598.92
Student & Spouse or Qualified Domestic Partner (QDP) $1,235.50
Student & Child(ren) $1,009.42
Student, Spouse or SSDP & Child(ren) $1,646.00


2022 – 2023 premium rates (effective October 1, 2022):

Coverage classification Monthly premium
(2022-2023 plan year)
Student Only $563.58
Student & Spouse or Qualified Domestic Partner (QDP) $1,162.33
Student & Child(ren) $949.66
Student, Spouse or SSDP & Child(ren) $1,548.41

Enroll in self-pay

If you’re losing your UW-paid GAIP coverage, enroll in the self-pay option by responding to the notice that Life Wise sends you.

In all other situations, enroll by calling LifeWise Assurance Company directly at 800-421-3531 (TDD: 800-842-5357).