GAIP: Continuation of coverage

UW offers a continuation provision (COBRA) to GAIP coverage that allows you or your eligible dependents to continue your insurance should you lose eligibility for UW-paid coverage.

COBRA continuation coverage can become available to you when you would otherwise lose your GAIP coverage. It can also become available to other members of your family who are covered under the Plan when they would otherwise lose their GAIP coverage. For additional information about your rights and obligations under the Plan and under federal law, you should review the Plan’s Summary Plan Description or contact the Plan Administrator.

When is continuation coverage available?

The plan will offer continuation coverage to qualified beneficiaries only after the plan administrator has been notified that a qualifying event has occurred. The employer must notify the plan administrator of the qualifying event, when the event is any of the following:

  • The end of employment or reduction of hours of employment
  • The death of the GAIP-eligible graduate appointee
  • The eligible graduate appointee’s becoming entitled to Medicare benefits (under Part A, Part B, or both)
Required notice

You must give notice of some qualifying events.

For the other qualifying events (divorce or legal separation of the graduate appointee and spouse or partner; a dependent child’s losing eligibility for coverage as a dependent child) you must notify the plan administrator within 60 days after the qualifying event.

Notice Procedures: Any notice that you provide must be in writing, oral notice, including notice by telephone, is not acceptable. You must mail or deliver your notice to:

LifeWise Administrators
P.O. Box 21325
MS 225
Seattle, WA 98111
800-421-3531 (voice)
800-842-5357 (TDD)

Download GAIP - Notice of Qualifying Event from Graduate Appointee (COBRA) (PDF).

Read the full continuation of coverage details by visiting the LifeWise website and downloading the plan benefit booklet.


2023 – 2024 premium rates (effective October 1, 2023):

Coverage classification Monthly premium
Student only $606.82
Student and spouse or partner $1,256.13
Student and children $1,025.53
Student, spouse or partner, and children $1,674.84

Contacts, questions, address changes

All questions concerning your plan or your continuation coverage rights should be addressed to LifeWise Assurance Company.

In order to protect your rights and/or those of your family, you should keep the plan administrator informed of any address changes. Keep a copy of any notices or correspondence for your records.

For more information about your continuation coverage rights, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other laws affecting group health plans, contact the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.