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Professional staff temporary position (PSTP)

A professional staff temporary position (PSTP) may be made for assignments of limited duration (e.g., short-term project, coverage for a regular employee on leave of absence, assistance during peak work load periods, etc.).

PSTP positions must meet one of the professional staff exemption criteria and may be paid on an hourly or monthly basis depending on the position’s duration and the number of hours to be worked per week.

Monthly-paid PSTPs project positions

PSTPs of six to twelve months duration that consistently require 20 or more hours of work per week are paid monthly, are benefits-eligible, and accrue time off according to Professional Staff Program provisions.  Project positions normally are limited to a maximum of twelve months. Positions likely to exceed twelve months duration are treated as a regular professional staff positions, and filled through the regular, open-competitive recruitment process.

The Compensation office assigns monthly-paid project positions to one of three job profiles depending on the applicable FLSA exemption criteria, and the professional staff program position level:

  • 19650 (overtime eligible),
  • 11650 (overtime exempt), and
  • 11655 (overtime exempt – grade 11 and above).

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Hourly-paid PSTPs limited-term positions

PSTPs of less than six months duration and/or positions of less than 20 hours of work per week are hourly-paid, overtime eligible, and do not accrue paid time off. Employees in hourly-paid PSTPs do not receive employer-provided insurance coverage unless eligibility criteria are met. You can review information about insurance eligibility for temporary employees on the Benefits website. Hourly-paid PSTP positions must be assigned to job profile 11850.

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Hourly-paid limited-term professional staff positions receive overtime pay at time and one half for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek.

Positions working less than 20 hours per week may be established for periods of up to one year, with extension for longer periods possible.

When making a direct hire:
  • Complete the Professional Staff Temporary Position (PSTP) – Supplemental Questionnaire (MS Word)
  • Create the position and requisition in Workday, and electronically attach the completed PSTP Supplemental Questionnaire, including the name of the candidate if it will be a direct hire, or putting VACANT if the position will be filled via a recruitment.
  • Make sure the candidate has an updated profile in UWHIRES.
  • Your employment representative will attach the candidate to the requisition in UWHIRES once the requisition is completed.
When your position will be posted in UWHIRES:

Once your requisition has been approved in Workday, it is sent to UWHIRES where it will appear on your UWHIRES hiring manager workbench. Your employment representative will work with you to finalize the requisition including the job posting. Once complete, your employment representative will switch the requisition to “Open” status and post the position to the UW employment website and any other websites you may have discussed if additional advertising is needed.

Your employment representative will review resumes against all requirements, review qualified applicants for eligibility, and then place candidates on your hiring manager workbench in UWHIRES. The resumes are then available for you to review. If your position is designated as safety/security sensitive, your employment representative will initiate the Criminal History Conviction Disclosure process. If subsequently any candidates are disqualified, you will be notified. Your employment representative will refer applications at various times. Consult with your employment representative to discuss a timeline of candidate resume referrals.

  • If a job has a closing date, resumes will generally be available after the posted closing date.
  • For positions that are open until filled, resumes may be available as soon as they are submitted and reviewed.
To view the candidates’ resumes:
  1. Open the hiring manager workbench and locate the requisition under the “Requisitions” tab.
  2. Click on the job profile title.
  3. Scroll down to the “Candidates” tab in the requisition. Click on the candidate’s name to display their applicant profile and resume.
  4. As you review each candidate, indicate the disposition codes that apply to the applicant’s most recent status change to track and document their status in the hiring process.
    • In the Requisition view, scroll down to the “Candidates” tab.
    • Select the appropriate disposition for each candidate from the “Activity Type” drop down menu.
  5. Select the candidates you wish to interview and update their status.
  6. Prior to making an offer, where there are two or more equally qualified candidates and a candidate is a veteran eligible for preference, then the veterans’ preference will act as a tie-breaker.

Once the salary has been approved by both your employment representative and your department approvers, you can make the offer to the candidate. If required, make the offer contingent upon a successful background check. Contact your employment representative if salary negotiation is needed.

Once the offer is accepted, update the requisition in UWHIRES:
  1. In the Requisition view, scroll down to the “Candidates” tab.
  2. Click on the “Add Activity” link for the candidate who as accepted the offer. This will open the “Add Activity” screen.
  3. Select “Department Hire (Pre-hire)” from the “Activity Type” drop down.
  4. Click “Save.”
  5. Your employment representative will be notified and the process for sending the hire to Workday will be completed. This may include the background check, if required. Your department will be notified in Workday to complete the hire. You can find instructions on the Workday hire process at:
  6. Prepare and send a hire confirmation letter to your new employee:
  7. Save all recruitment materials according to records retention schedule.
  8. Review your action items on the new employee checklist (PDF) or the new employee checklist (Word)
Check references

Document that you have conducted a reference check on the candidate in UWHIRES by:

  1. Opening your requisition in UWHIRES, and scrolling down to the “Candidates” tab.
  2. Clicking on the “Add Activity” link for a candidate. This will open the “Add Activity” screen.
  3. Selecting “Reference Check” as the activity in the “Type” drop down field.
Update candidates not selected

If you filled this position via recruitment you will need to update candidates that were not selected.

This process is done electronically within UWHIRES so candidates can check their statuses themselves. Follow these steps to update candidates not selected:

  1. Log in to UWHIRES.
  2. In the Requisition view, scroll down to the “Candidates” tab.
  3. To update individual candidates:
    • Click on the “Add Activity” link next to the candidate’s name that you want to update. This will open the “Add Activity” screen.
    • Select the appropriate final disposition code from the “Activity Type” drop-down menu for the stage in which the candidate fell out of consideration. By adding this information, candidates can view their status for your position in their UW applicant profile. Candidates will only see “Not Selected,” regardless of what disposition code you choose.
  4. To update all candidates:
    • Select all candidates you wish to change status on by clicking the box to the left of their name.
    • At the top of the “Candidates” tab, select the appropriate disposition code from the drop-down menu for the stage in which the candidates fell out of consideration.
    • Click “Go.”

Note: On your hiring manager workbench, if you have filled requisitions on which candidates have not yet been dispositioned, you will see a tab indicating such. From this tab, you are able to go into a requisition and move candidates into their final disposition status.


Some temporary positions are benefits eligible. Learn more.

After the offer is accepted, contact your employment representative , and they will complete the hiring process for you.

Medical Centers Human Resources will perform the following post-hire activities for you:

  • Send new hire confirmation letter.
  • Complete the Workday entry process.
  • Complete background checks.
  • Medical Centers’ orientation registration (includes Husky Card and photo identification name badge for new employee).
  • Patient Care Services orientation (scheduling as job applicable).
  • Ambulatory Care Services orientation (scheduling as job applicable).
  • Collect completed payroll paperwork.

Then, hiring managers at UWMC and Harborview are responsible for completing the following post-hire activities:

  • Departmental orientation: Providing your new employee with a tour of the department, make introductions, discuss departmental emergency procedures, performance expectations, annual and sick leave request and use, etc.
  • Setting up computer logins (after receiving EID).
  • If new employee is a current UW employee, obtaining payroll records by contacting the payroll coordinator from the new employee’s previous department.
  • Collecting new employee’s orientation completion confirmation.

Campus: PSTP extensions are requested in Workday. Follow the Request Compensation Change – Staff Campus user guide and contact the Integrated Service Center if you need assistance.

Medical Centers: Use this process to extend or change a previously approved professional staff temporary position – pay rate, duties, hours worked, etc.

  1. Download and complete the PSTP Request for Extension/Pay Change (MS Word) (form fields expand to accommodate the information entered).
    • Provide sufficient information to support your request.
    • Mark the checkbox that confirms you have obtained the required approval from the UW Medicine CHSO, Hospital Executive Director, UW Medicine CFO, or their delegated designee.
  2. Send the completed extension request form as an email attachment to Medical Centers HR – WMS.

The request will route to the Medical Centers Compensation Office for review. Additional information may be requested if:

  • The terms of the position have changed since the original request
  • The employee has had additional University positions since the original position was requested
  • The position is hourly paid but now qualifies for benefits
  • The position is monthly-paid and will extend past one year

Why are monthly-paid project positions limited to twelve months?

When a professional staff position will last more than twelve months the University does not consider it to be “temporary.” There are many research funded “regular” positions that last limited periods of time.

What should I do if we anticipate additional funding in the future but only have limited funding right now?

Create a professional staff temporary position. If additional funding is awarded and the position will extend beyond twelve months, you will need to conduct a recruitment to fill the regular position. The University is an equal opportunity employer and all qualifying applicants must receive equal consideration. Open your recruitment as soon as you know that you will have the funds to extend the position so that you can equally consider each available candidate.

Do employees in hourly or monthly-paid temporary professional staff positions receive legislatively approved salary increases?

Employees in professional staff temporary positions do not automatically receive legislatively approved salary increases and are not included in the allocation of state. However, the employing unit may make a salary adjustment out of unit funds.

What should I do if the Compensation Office determines that a proposed professional staff temporary position does not meet professional staff exemption criteria, and I cannot find a classified staff hourly title that I think is appropriate?

Contact your employment representative or compensation consultant to identify a classified title that can be used to fill your position.

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Criminal background checks

Some UW positions are considered Security/Safety Sensitive. The successful candidate for such a position must have a criminal conviction history check conducted after a conditional offer of employment has been made and accepted. See the Criminal Background Check web page for details.

If your position is “security/safety sensitive,” discuss the background check requirements with your employment representative .

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