Hybrid work

Offboarding checklist for remote employees

Offboarding a remote employee requires many of the same tasks a manager must perform when ending employment for an in-person employee. This checklist will help you guide a successful offboarding experience for your team and the departing employee.

☐ Plan daily check-ins until the teleworkers last day of work. This creates room to wrap up or transition work and provides the employee with a personal connection as they transition out of their role.

☐ Review the employee’s Telework Agreement and/or records documenting University issued or purchased equipment and decide on the method for return (e.g., drop off at UW, mail, etc.)

☐ Identify work products that exist as hard copy that must be retained under the state’s Public Records Act and University records retention policies and arrange for their return to the University. Note that work products that are copies of originals with no additional writing or notes may be destroyed as long as the original is retained on UW systems (e.g., as an electronic file).

☐ Communicate early to the team about the employee’s departure to ensure that the departing teleworker is removed from standing meeting invites (both Outlook and Zoom) and so team members have an opportunity to connect with and say farewell to the departing employee prior to their last day.

☐ Celebrate the employee’s contributions through group email, team meeting, remote happy hour, or by writing a LinkedIn or other recommendation for the departing employee, as appropriate.

☐ Instruct employees who have used their own computer for UW work on how to remove copies of files from local drives and how to remove applications used to link their computer and home internet to University systems, as well as from personal cellphones.

☐ Work with department IT or UW-IT to turn off access to UW or department devices, intranet, and other systems as applicable as of the employee’s last day of employment.