UW Combined Fund Drive

May 3, 2024

Go green at the UWCFD Environmental Nonprofit Expo

Want to get informed, inspired and involved in organizations dedicated to making our communities healthier, more resilient and better connected to the natural world? The UW Combined Fund Drive’s Environmental Nonprofit Expo is a great place to start.

The expo will feature a dozen CFD-affiliated organizations that are dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainability.

Join us on Wednesday, May 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the UW Tower Cafeteria-North, as we raise awareness and inspire action for a healthier planet.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet representatives from a dozen impactful organizations, learn about their work — and how you can support it. And you could win a door prize!

Meet our nonprofits in attendance:

Washington Native Plant Society – promoting appreciation and conservation of Washington’s native plants and their habitats through study, education and advocacy. They work to protect species, habitats, and environmental quality (charity code: 315051).

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance – protecting and enhancing the Puget Sound’s waters, ensuring the health of aquatic ecosystems and communities. The alliance strives to create a vibrant marine environment that supports safe swimming, fishing, recreation and sustainable economic activity through monitoring, advocacy, enforcement, cleanups, education and collaboration (charity code: 0315023).

Zero Waste Washington – reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving natural resources and mitigating plastic pollution and toxic chemicals by advocating for policy leading to a healthy, waste-free world. Zero Waste envisions a future where everyone responsibly and sustainably produces, consumes and reuses resources (charity code: 315047).

EarthGen – empowering young people to become effective change-makers for a healthy environment through science-based programs provide the knowledge, skill and experience to lead climate solutions and advocate for environmental justice (charity code: 1480127).

Washington Farmland Trust – safeguarding and managing endangered farmland statewide, ensuring its continuous use by facilitating access for a new generation of farmers. Investing in Washington farmland means healthy food for our children, thriving rural economies and fertile productive soil (charity code: 315072).

Environmental Science Center – providing hands-on environmental education programs for all ages in south King County, with a mission to inspire environmental stewardship and provide communities with knowledge and resources to connect with their local environment.

The Mountaineers – protecting the outdoor experience through conservation, responsible recreation and stewardship. The Mountaineers lobbies legislators, advocates through the Outdoor Alliance, mobilizes volunteers and maintains trails and lookouts to preserve nature for future generations (charity code: 1477879).

Environmental Coalition of South Seattle – empowering business and diverse communities to implement sustainable practices. ECOSS leads equitable community engagement, partnering with local immigrant and refugee communities to reduce waste, tackle stormwater pollution, promote a just energy transition and enhance outdoor access and leadership (charity code: 1479396).

Island Wood – increasing access and lowering financial barriers to environmental education for children in the Puget Sound region. Island Wood believes that every child should have access to the sense of wonder and discovery that comes from meaningful experiences in the natural world (charity code: 0315689).

Earth Ministry – transforming faith into action for the well-being of communities and the environment. Earth Ministry organizes people of faith and conscience to advocate for strong environmental policies and provides strategic guidance to religious communities working toward environmental justice (charity code: 1478248)

Cascades Carnivore Project – ensuring thriving carnivore populations and healthy mountain ecosystems through conservation efforts informed by tenacious science and diverse public support. Cascades Carnivore Project is developing innovation solutions for carnivore recovery and coexistence posed by human encroachment, habitat fragmentation and climate change.