Plan networks: Find a doctor, clinic, or other provider

A plan’s network consists of doctors, specialists, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health care providers. Your health care costs will be significantly lower if you use providers that are within your network.

Some plans allow you to use providers outside the network, but you’ll pay more. While other plans don’t cover out-of-network services at all, and you’ll pay the entire cost. For full details about the cost of a plan, including costs for specific medical services and prescriptions, review the plan coverage documents.

How do I choose a network?

If you already have a doctor, clinic, or another provider that you like using, check to see which plans include that provider. Or if you want to use a provider that’s convenient, search for providers near your home or workplace. You can also simply browse the networks.

To find a provider either call the plan directly or use the plan’s online search tool:

Plan Network Find a provider online
Kaiser WA CDHP Core CDHP network search
Kaiser WA Classic Core Classic plan network search
Kaiser WA SoundChoice PEBB SoundChoice SoundChoice network search
Kaiser WA Value Core Value plan network search
Kaiser Permanente NW CDHP Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente NW search
Kaiser Permanente NW Classic Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente NW search
UMP Plus Puget Sound High Value Network Puget Sound HVN search
UMP Plus UW Medicine Accountable Care Network UW Medicine network search
UMP CDHP Uniform Medical Plan Regence BlueShield search
UMP Classic Uniform Medical Plan Regence BlueShield search
UMP Select Uniform Medical Plan Regence BlueShield search