Return to on-site work

Time off resource summary

This page was updated April 14, 2021.

UW employees must stay home if they are sick in order to protect themselves, their coworkers, and the broader community.

This page summarizes the time off options that may be available to employees for COVID-19 related reasons based on University and state efforts to support employees. Eligibility varies, so please consult your leave specialist with questions.

COVID-related time off information

A check mark indicates a time off option may apply. Use the links in the first row to view descriptions of each option.

I am unable to work remotely and… Sick time off (or NWH Carryover) Other paid time off Shared leave No Loss of Pay Leave COVID-19 vaccine release time
Am self-isolating while trying to get COVID tested or waiting for results of a COVID test.
Meet CDC guidelines for required quarantine.
Am caring for a family member who meets criteria for required quarantine.
Am sick with COVID-19 after confirmed direct or indirect contact with COVID-19 at work.
Am sick with known close contact or exposure to COVID-19 during the course of work.
Had a high risk exposure to COVID-19 during the course of work and am required to quarantine.
Am sick due to contact with COVID-19 outside the course of work.
Am taking care of a family member who tested positive for COVID-19.
Am worried about coming to work.
Have an underlying health condition, am pregnant, am at increased risk for severe illness, or am over 65.
Only 8 hours to maintain benefits if other paid time off is exhausted.
Am absent due to a closure of my child’s school, camp, facility and/or unexpected absence of a care provider.
Up to 3 days of each of their paid time off balances and 1 day of PH.
Am absent while transporting my child to and from school or when responding to other needs related to in-person schooling.
Am sick and cannot work due to experiencing symptoms outlined on the UW Medicine Attestation form. Either am not eligible for testing or test negative for COVID-19.
Am experiencing side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine or need to take time off to assist a family member to get their vaccine.
Have been unable to secure an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccination outside of work hours.

Release time may include amount of time to travel and receive each dose.