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HR Hierarchy

What is the HR Hierarchy?

The HR Hierarchy is a new Workday (WD) org assignment that will provide insight into the reporting structures across the colleges, schools, administrative units and UW Medicine entities that make up the University of Washington and will be used for department and institutional level reporting efforts that included reporting relationships.

The institution’s financial org code (fin org), historically relied upon for HR reporting, is being replaced as part of UW Finance Transformation. In its place the Data Governance Steering Committee and the Finance Transformation Sponsorship Committee asked UWHR to create and implement a new HR hierarchy structure to more accurately represent HR relationships.

The HR Hierarchy isn’t tied to funding or costing but allows for reporting on HR relationships. Department and institutional level reporting efforts that include HR reporting relationships will rely on this new hierarchy.

Where can I find this information in Workday?

The HR Org is a default Organizational Assignment on the Supervisory Organization. If your role in Workday includes custom organization access, you can view it by navigating to a supervisory organization in Workday and selecting the Organization Assignments tab. There you will see a default Organization type of HR Org.

organization assignments tab - HR org


The HR Org is also assigned to each position within a Supervisory Organization. The position’s HR Org should always match that of the Supervisory Organization.

position's HR org should always match the supervisory organization

If this information is wrong, can I change it?

If an HR Org assignment needs to be changed or does not make sense, please contact For medical centers hierarchy issues, contact

Please don’t make any changes to this organization assignment in Workday. Any changes that are made outside of this process will be overwritten.

Does this impact any current processes in Workday?

The main impacts involve the Job Change, Termination and Change Organization Assignments business processes. If any of these BPs must be entered in Workday retroactive to the effective date that the HR Org was assigned, the Change Organization Assignment BP that assigned the HR Org will first need to be rescinded by the ISC or Medical Centers.