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Telework policies and agreements

Supervisor checklist for supporting teleworking

Teleworking is strongly encouraged for positions with duties that can be performed at home. The following checklist will help you establish a foundation for effective teamwork, continued productivity, and service to the UW community.

Telework policy

University policy permits employees to telework when approved by the employee’s supervisor or other designated official.

Occasional telework

Occasional telework arrangements are infrequent, not regularly scheduled, and are employee or employer requested.

Remote work location and out-of-state work policy

Requirements for designating a classified, contract covered, temporary, or professional staff employee’s remote work location and considerations for working outside of Washington State.

International remote work for staff and student employees

The following information updates and clarifies current University of Washington (UW) policy regarding international remote work.

Equipment and supplies for teleworking

Guidance and responsibilities regarding the materials, equipment and supplies for teleworking employees.

Personal use of university equipment

Personal use of university facilities, computers, and equipment by university employees (Administrative Policy Statement 47.2).