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Lee Riley — UW POD Consultant

Consultant Lee Riley


Your workplace culture is the foundation of your organization and, over time, is the best determinant of long-term success. It will augment or undermine everything else you do. Gallup’s research tells us that 70% of the performance differential across groups arises from the culture created by those in leadership. Their metrics for success go far beyond mere financials and reflect variables such as employee engagement, customer satisfaction, turnover, innovation, quality, and other intangibles. Skilled leaders are that important.

Creating a positive, professional, and productive workplace doesn’t just happen. When left on its own, workplace culture declines. Think of this as organizational entropy — the inevitability that all human systems (e.g., teams, departments, and even whole organizations) will become less effective over time. The antidote to this is intentionally engineering your workplace culture through a “best practice” approach to leadership and employee engagement.

This perspective drives everything I do. I partner with leaders and leadership teams to help them recognize their strengths, grow beyond their challenge points, and create a positive impact on those they lead. As a coach, I enjoy working closely with leaders to help them develop leadership awareness, core competencies, and strategic wisdom — and be the boss employees want to work for and the peer colleagues want to work with.

Areas of Expertise

Management/Leadership Training

  • Personal growth for leaders
  • Embracing boundaries in the workplace
  • Understanding employee engagement
  • Utilizing your power differential
  • Decoding your office through behavior styles
  • Moving from boss to coach
  • Leading through your organizational structure
  • Leading change/creating sustainability

Personal Growth and Development

  • Growing your adaptive skills for life and leadership
  • Understanding and changing your mindset
  • Managing stress, burnout, and self-care
  • Maximizing work-life balance
  • Creating a plan for personal growth

Executive/Performance Coaching

  • Personal growth and self-awareness
  • 360 assessments
  • Competency development
  • Goal setting and accountability

Team Development/Retreat Facilitation

  • Team culture assessments
  • Team training and coaching
  • Facilitating difficult conversations
  • Action plans and goal setting
  • Personal growth workshops
  • Keynote presentations

Work Experience/Selected Projects

  • Consultant, Teleios Consulting/
  • Consultant/trainer, Nash Consulting
  • Lead facilitator, PREVENT, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station
  • Leadership instructor, Scimitar Ridge/Leadership Academy
  • Designed and delivered
    • Workshops focused on helping managers transition from “boss to coach”
    • Workshops to public sector employees considering leadership opportunities as their next career move
    • Executive leadership retreats focused on improving communication, creating alignment, removing barriers, and establishing common commitments
    • Leadership training programs for supervisors in both private and not-for-profit organizations
    • Employee workshops designed to equip non-supervisors with communication, problem solving, and team development skills
    • Coaching programs to assist mid-level managers in helping employees entering new leadership roles
    • Multi-day leadership retreats for large corporate clients using both experiential and traditional team development methods


  • M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, emphasis in human development
  • MA., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, emphasis in leadership
  • Graduate Studies in Education, Seattle Pacific University
  • Secondary Teacher Certification, Seattle Pacific University
  • BA., Seattle Pacific University

Select Client List

  • City of Seattle
  • City of Tacoma
  • Seattle City Light
  • Tacoma Power
  • Microsoft
  • Moxiworks
  • Color Creative
  • Chelan County Medical Center
  • Grant County PUD
  • Hitachi
  • Chelan County PUD
  • GLY Construction
  • Columbia REA
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