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Jen O’Ryan, PhD

Consultant Jen O'Ryan


I work with organizations to build processes, culture, and messaging that is more welcoming to all.

Designing Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging lives in the daily experience of individuals. It shows up at every point of the lifecycle for employees, clients, and potential customers. People are looking for more than taglines or marketing campaigns.

I created Double Tall Consulting to bridge the gap between ‘good intentions’ and delivering safe, effective, meaningful results. With a PhD in Human Behavior and 20 years leading change management, I bring a unique perspective to building more inclusive experiences.

Think of me as a trusted guide on the journey. I see what’s possible, meet people where they are, and lead teams through to lasting change. My approach is grounded in continuous improvement, building relationships, and curiosity-based problem solving.

Areas of Expertise/Results

  • Change Management
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging
  • Edit / Proofread for Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Reclaim Toxic or Dysfunctional Teams

Experience/Selected Projects

  • Reviewed content for online learning, employee training, and published materials. Edited to remove exclusionary language, stereotypes in examples, and boost representation in images.
  • Provided coaching to executives and people leaders on talking about gender diversity.
  • Facilitated In-depth discussions on gender, orientation, and attraction to better inform Inclusion and Diversity initiatives.
  • Promoted an open, judgement-free environment to ask questions, practice language / correct use of terms, and understand the nuance of gender. Established a trusted relationship to guide allies on their journey.
  • Designed and presented a series of customized workshops for people leaders, policy influencers, and line employees. Facilitated discussions focused primarily on barriers to healthy work environments, developing inclusive cultures, and leading change.
  • Led in-person observation sessions, analyzed user outcomes, and influenced device feature prioritization. Designed and conducted in-country user evaluations for new markets (Europe, Japan).
  • Designed and implemented workflow optimization strategies that reduced average time to resolve tasks from 78 to 28 days. Reduced overall hours of client re-work by 28% in the first quarter, while improving the health of internal and external teams.


  • 20+ years in change management, organizational behavior, and developing new customer experiences.
  • Bult and managed global teams, introduced new corporate policies, designed and implemented solutions that significantly improved outcomes and satisfaction metrics
  • MBA (focus on Technology Management)
  • PhD – Human Behavior, Capella University
  • Author of Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for “Accidental” Diversity Experts
  • Board Member of Women Business Owners – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair

Selected Clients

  • Jennifer Brown Consulting
  • WellSpring EAP
  • Sound Transit – Pride Employee Resource Group
  • Apple Valley SRHM Chapter (DEI workshop)
  • Columbia Valley SRHM Chapter (DEI workshop)
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