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Jen O’Ryan, PhD

Consultant Jen O'Ryan


Designing a culture of Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging touches every aspect of an organization. People are looking for more than campaigns that say the ‘right thing.’ This is about internalizing culture change across the entire lifecycle of employee, client, and consumer relationship.

After an extensive career of instigating change at Fortune 100 companies and a few small-but-mighty startups, I created Double Tall Consulting. This new company would fill a gap faced by many organizations – how to get their Inclusion and Diversity initiatives from “good intentions” to effective, measurable, meaningful results.

Now I work with business leaders, product owners, and writers who want their message to be welcoming across a broader audience.

Clients hire me to edit and review their content for Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation (eLearning courses, manuscripts, textbooks, employee guides, customer / employee surveys).

Areas of Expertise/Results

  • Change Management
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Reclaim Toxic or Dysfunctional Teams
  • Editing textbooks and manuscripts for Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation

I review content for:

  • Bias, stereotypes, exclusion in language or images
  • Placement and design that can detract from your message
  • Outdated or inaccurate usage of terms
  • Words and phrases with negative connotation
  • Resources that lack diverse representation

Experience/Selected Projects

  • Consulting editor for textbook publisher. Review and advise on improving inclusion, diversity, and representation for K-8 math textbooks.
  • Consulting editor for Jennifer Brown Review and advise on improving inclusion, diversity, and representation for recently published DEI books.
  • Provide customized workshops for people leaders, policy influencers, and employees.
  • Led in-person observation sessions, analyzed user outcomes, and influenced device feature prioritization. Designed and conducted in-country user evaluations for new markets (Europe, Japan).


  • 20+ years in change management, organizational behavior, and developing new customer experiences.
  • Bult and managed global teams, introduced new corporate policies, designed and implemented solutions that significantly improved outcomes and satisfaction metrics
  • MBA (focus on Technology Management)
  • PhD – Human Behavior, Capella University
  • Author of Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for “Accidental” Diversity Experts
  • Board Member of Women Business Owners – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair

Selected Clients

  • Jennifer Brown (Jennifer Brown Consulting)
  • Larson Textbooks
  • WellSpring EAP
  • Apple Valley SRHM Chapter (DEI workshop)
  • Columbia Valley SRHM Chapter (DEI workshop)
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