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Jeff Turner

Praxis HR


Consultant Jeff TurnerEvery organization and the individuals within it have unique strengths. As a consultant and advisor, my role is to assist leaders and teams to discover and apply their talents and skills to ensure individual and collective success.

My approach to consultation involves a partnership with clients to discover their goals and priorities; a systems perspective; facilitation of communication with individuals and teams to help them discover their resilience; meticulous analysis of the factors that add to or detract from overall goals; and thoughtful synthesis to identify changes that will ensure success.


  • Organizational and Climate Assessments ƒ
  • Change and Transition Consulting ƒ
  • Retreat Planning and Facilitation ƒ
  • Strategic and Operational Planning ƒ
  • Team building
  • Leadership/Management Coaching ƒ
  • Leadership/Management Training ƒ
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence Consulting ƒ
  • Mediation/Conflict Management


  • Conduct organizational assessments and analysis; developed findings, conclusions and recommendations related to leadership effectiveness, communications, accountability, work processes, and morale. ƒ
  • Design and facilitate leadership retreats; selected topics include Leading during Transition, Effective Leadership, Change Management, and Strategic Planning. ƒ
  • Conduct climate assessments; assist with the development and implementation of recommendations. ƒ
  • Design and facilitate strategic planning retreats for university business units, boards, and committees. ƒ
  • Provide mediation, conflict resolution and facilitated negotiation services. ƒ
  • Provide leadership coaching for department chairs, executive directors, faculty and administrators. ƒ
  • Provide change and transition consulting for academic departments related to incentive structures, leadership, and programmatic changes. ƒ
  • Design and facilitate core competency development for university administrative departments. ƒ
  • Provide on-going employee relations consulting services in collaboration with university human resources team. ƒ
  • Provide facilitation and meeting management training for department chairs and committee members.


  • Managing Partner, Praxis HR, a human resources and organizational development consultancy ƒ
  • Certified Mediator ƒ
  • Former Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of Management
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Economics and Plan II, University of Texas at Austin ƒ
  • Doctorate of Jurisprudence, University of Texas at Austin ƒ
  • National Advisory Council Appointee, U.S. Small Business Administration


  • UW School of Medicine ƒ
  • UW School of Business ƒ
  • UW College of Arts & Sciences ƒ
  • UW Capital Projects
  • Other higher-education clients: Seattle University (School of Business, College of Education), University of Puget Sound (College of Arts and Sciences, Alumni Relations, Human Resources, Capital and Planned Giving), City University (School of Business)
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