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James McCafferty

Consultant John Park


Today’s challenges demand creative solutions based on both core fundamentals and modern industry specific best practices. By bringing the best approaches from the for-profit, non-profit, government and individual sectors I seek unique blended responses that are effective, efficient and practical while also maintaining long-term sustainability.

My Approach

A consultant always enters a situation somewhere in the middle of events. It is a rare day when an organization hires a consultant to celebrate their ultimate success. In keeping with the spirit of positive organizational development I follow these basic steps in developing an appropriate approach:

  1. Conduct an initial scan concerning the organization to understand public perception and current events prior to meeting the client. This may also include background material provided by the client.
  2. Meet with the client to hear their description of the situation. Ask questions. Clearly articulate to the client what has been heard and test initial thoughts.
  3. Design an approach that reflects the needs of the organization – its people, its customers and its specific challenge – that relies on best practices and core fundamentals.
  4. Ensure grass root knowledge and support.
  5. Enact plan with adequate outcomes measurement to monitor results.


  • Business Analysis and Organizational Review
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Retreat/Meeting Facilitation
  • Team Building/Development
  • Process Improvement Facilitation
  • Risk Management Planning


  • Branding/Identity: Led a national effort to rebrand/position an organization with a 100 year history of service.
  • Funding Partner Research: Developed a construct and tools to conduct research identifying potential funding partners for a major operating foundation for specific projects.
  • Leadership Coaching: Provided on-going executive director and board level support for a new non-profit organization to enable a base-line understanding of critical oversight function from a tax status perspective.


  • ƒMBA – Western Washington University ƒ
  • Team Development – Signature Research ƒ
  • BS – Journalism/Public Relations, University of Oregon


  • Western Washington University ƒ
  • Casey Family Programs ƒ
  • Foster Care Alumni of America
  • Washington State Parks ƒ
  • American Camp Association ƒ
  • Seattle Community Colleges
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