HR Operations

Prior Washington state service credit

You may be eligible for credit of prior Washington state service if you are a monthly paid UW employee who has previously worked as a nontemporary staff employee for the state of Washington. Credit for past Washington state employment is used to establish your:

  • Vacation accrual rate
  • Eligibility for reinstating sick time off balances
If you have worked for a: You may receive credit for:
State agency
  • Vacation time off accrual rate
  • Vacation time off balance
  • Sick time off balance
Public institution of higher education
  • Vacation time off accrual rate
  • Vacation time off balance
  • Sick time off balance
Public education service district
  • Sick time off balance

Credit for previous state employment is not automatic when you start working at the UW. You must tell us about your previous state employment by submitting a credit request form to your department’s HR Operations office.

Vacation time off accrual rate adjustment

Vacation accrual rate is based on length of service. Therefore, your accrual rate may increase if your prior state employment time is added.

You must have at least 48 months of qualifying state employment (combined current and previous) before you see an adjustment to your vacation accrual rate.

If you are awarded an accrual rate adjustment, your accrual month is also adjusted. The accrual month is the month in which your vacation accrual rate increases according to the accrual schedule for your employment program.

Vacation and sick time off transfer

You can transfer your vacation and sick time off balances if you are moving — without a break in service — between another state agency and the UW. However, if you are transferring without a break in service from or to a public education service district, you can transfer only your sick time off balance.

Sick time off reinstatement

If you had a break in service, we can reinstate your previous sick time off balance if ALL of the following are true:

  • You left behind a sick time off balance at your previous employer
  • Your previous employer was a Washington state agency or public institution of higher education (not educational service district)
  • Your break in service was:
    • No more than five years for classified non-union employees, professional staff, and certain contract covered staff employees. Please check your collective bargaining agreement.
    • No more than three years for all other contract classified employees

Requesting prior state service credit

Complete and submit the Prior Service Credit for Previous Washington State Employment (PDF) to your department’s HR Operations office.

Human Resources will verify your previous service and notify both you and your department of your qualifying service credit. If your previous service does not qualify, HR will notify you of the reason.

If the combination of your current and prior service credit is less than 48 months, your vacation accrual rate and accrual month will not change immediately. When you complete a combined total of 48 months, your accrual rate and accrual month will automatically change in Workday (campus staff) or Kronos (medical centers staff).