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Base Template

If this is your first time visiting this page, you'll probably want to start with this base template. The template includes everything from the root html to each menu and overall site structure. Example.

Your content can go inside the article.uwhr-content. Append sibling elements and adjust the .col-*-* class to change the width of the article.

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This header should be inserted into the top of a UWHR page. The header includes the global bar with quick links and search bar, the main header with logo and dropdown menu, and the mobile menu and toggle.

Replace entire .uwhr-headers when updating.

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This is a simple UWHR footer which includes quick links menu and links to UW pages.

Replace entire footer when updating.

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You are able to download assets needed for any UWHR web project. By default, the styles and scripts should be placed in an assets directory. And the fonts should be placed in a fonts directory in the assets directory.

The main CSS file includes UWHR styles built from a base Bootstrap 4 stylesheet. Bootstrap 4 classes remain available. Although some components were left out.

The main JS file includes all supporting scripts for any UWHR web component.

The vendor JS file includes jQuery, Backbone, Underscore and more.

In addition to the UW brand fonts, you will also need Font Awesome fonts.

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