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Specification for Class


SOCIAL WORKER 18944 (E S SEIU 1199NW HMC SW/Dietitian)
17885 (NE S SEIU 1199NW HMC SW/Dietitian)
SOCIAL WORKER, SENIOR 21400 (NE H SEIU 1199NW UWMC Northwest Professional)
21600 (NE H Temp SEIU 1199NW UWMC Northwest Professional)


As a member of a health care team, provide professional social work services in a client/patient care, research and/or teaching environment.


Under general direction, provide social work services to clients/patients, their families, and/or others; and/or participate in health sciences research; and/or participate in health sciences teaching activities, and exercise independent decision-making authority and expertise specific to assigned area of practice.


Provide specialty consultation to other health care staff and health care teams regarding psychosocially focused aspects of client/patient care;

Provides psychosocial support to patients and families;

In collaboration with the multidisciplinary team, develops and implements safe and timely discharge plans;

Provides care coordination for patients with complicated social and medical histories;

Provides case management in specialized programs;

Provides counseling services in specialized programs;

Makes timely referrals to hospital and/community agencies including those required by mandatory reporting laws such and child and vulnerable adult abuse;

Maintains appropriate documentation;

Participates in practicum instruction of social work students and/or provides work direction to Social Work Assistant(s) or other assigned staff;

Participates in formal and informal teaching of health care professionals, health sciences students and the general community;

Coordinates elements of research studies and projects;

Participates in or chairs departmental program development activities or committees;

Represent the Social Work Department on hospital, university, and community committees/work groups;

Perform related duties as assigned/required.


A Master of Social Work Degree from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education


One year of full-time social work experience in a health care setting or equivalent. Experience can include a practicum placement as part of a social work training program and/or employment experience.


Within 90 days of hire must hold one of the following credentials issued by the state of Washington:
  • Agency Affiliated Counselor, or
  • Licensed Social Work Associate -Advanced, or
  • Licensed Social Work Associate - Independent Clinical, or
  • Licensed Advance Social Worker, or
  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.


1-03-73: New Class;
12-14-73: Revise Class;
5-1-82: Revise Title & Class;
1-18-88: Revise Title/Class;
7-2-90: Revise MQ;
3-15-02: Revise MQ;
6-01-05: CSR Class Conversion (mc);
7-01-09: Revise legal requirements;
2-16-16: Combine Social Worker 1, UW job code 8943, and Social Worker 2, abolishing Social Worker 1 when the change is complete; revise and update spec and MQs, including lowering minimum years of experience from two to one.
Add SEIU 1199NW UWMC-NW job profiles: 01-01-2020