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Earnings Type & Description


Earn Type informational pages are provided as a historical reference tool for eligibility and rate information. If you have questions on how pay is processed in Workday, please contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC) or call 206-543-8000

Earnings Type When Is It Used? Employment Type(s)/Limitations How Calculated / FTE / How Initiated


Permanent 2nd Shift Differential - Health Care Professional/Technical Classes only

Premium pay for work time as outlined in the applicable bargaining unit contract or Civil Service rules.

Once a shift has been identified as eligible, the shift differential applies to all hours of a qualifying shift.

Employee receives shift premium for all paid work and paid leave time used unless temporary assignment to non-qualifying shift is greater than 5 consecutive working days.

Classified Non-Union

Contract Classified


Use limited to Health Care Professional/Technical job classes only within the employment types listed above.

Undergraduate Student:

  • 0884 - Nursing Technician
  • 1835 - Nursing Technician, Non-UW Student

Use limited to these job class codes.

Eligible hours x $1.50 per hour


Department - OPUS