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Earn Type informational pages are provided as a historical reference tool for eligibility and rate information. If you have questions on how pay is processed in Workday, please contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC) or call 206-543-8000

Earnings Type When Is It Used? Employment Type(s)/Limitations How Calculated / FTE / How Initiated


Sea Overtime Premium

Premium and overtime paid to UW salaried and temporary hourly employees for all hours worked over 8 on each weekday and for all hours worked on weekends and holidays while at sea.

Premium and overtime paid while at sea beginning on date of departure but not paid on date of return.

Crew members disembarking from ship in other ports are paid premium through the last working day on vessel.

Payment of Sea Overtime Premium is in lieu of additional premium earnings (e.g., Shift Differential, Hazardous Work, etc.).

Classified Non-Union

Contract Classified


No limitations within designated employment type.

Professional Staff

  • 1187 Master R/V Thompson
  • 1508 Manager of Program Operations (limited to use in the College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences only)
  • 1765 Marine Engineering Manager

Use limited to these job class codes.

Eligible hours x hourly rate equivalent to full time monthly salary x 1.725 (time and one-half overtime premium x 15% marine premium)


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