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Earnings Type & Description


Earn Type informational pages are provided as a historical reference tool for eligibility and rate information. If you have questions on how pay is processed in Workday, please contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC) or call 206-543-8000

Earnings Type When Is It Used? Employment Type(s)/Limitations How Calculated / FTE / How Initiated


Overtime Premium

Half-time portion of the standard time and one-half overtime rate.

OTP is used to correct underpayment of earned overtime in circumstances where the employee was paid at straight time (e.g., as REG, S/T, or HRY) for the overtime hours in question and is owed the 50% remainder of the overtime (time and one-half) premium.

Overtime Eligible Professional Staff

Classified Non-Union

Contract Classified

Printing Services


No limitations within designated employment types.

Eligible hours x hourly rate equivalent to full time monthly salary x 50%


Department - ETR/PTR