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HMC Public Safety Officer Restraint Overtime Premium

(Contract Classified - WFSE Security Officer HMC bargaining unit only)

Premium pay for overtime hours worked by HMC Campus Security Officers represented by the WFSE SECURITY OFFICERS HMC bargaining unit who are regularly called upon to physically restrain and subdue combative individuals in the work environment (e.g. mental health areas of the hospital, the Emergency Department, etc.).

Qualifying officers must have received "special restraint training" and continue to receive updated annual training above and beyond what other security officers in this state receive.

Must be paid for all overtime hours worked beyond 40 hours per week. For regular hours worked, use earnings type HRP.

Contract Classified

Only employees in the following job code are eligible:

  • 8770 Campus Security Office

Use limited to these job class codes.

Eligible worked hours x $1.95 per hour


Department - OPUS