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Earn Type informational pages are provided as a historical reference tool for eligibility and rate information. If you have questions on how pay is processed in Workday, please contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC) or call 206-543-8000

Earnings Type When Is It Used? Employment Type(s)/Limitations How Calculated / FTE / How Initiated


Call Back Pay

Typically, two (2) hours straight time premium paid to a classified employee when called back to work outside of regular scheduled hours after having left the institution's grounds.

Call back premium is paid in addition to pay for actual hours worked. Call back premium does not apply if the employee:

  1. is on standby status, or
  2. is called back to report within 2 hours of the start of the employee's next scheduled shift, or
  3. receives at least 8 hours advance notice.

Classified Non-Union

Contract Classified (Except for positions in 1199NW Bargaining Units)

Printing Services

Call back premium within designated employment types does not normally apply to class titles designated as not overtime eligible (OT "Excepted") in the UW Compensation Plan unless otherwise specified in the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

2 hours x hourly rate equivalent to full time monthly salary


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