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University of Washington
Professional Staff Payroll Title Series Descriptor
Human Resources Compensation Office

Payroll Title Psychologist
Typical Responsibilities

Provides UW students with individual, couples, and group therapy and mental health crisis intervention, consultation, and outreach. Provides professional consultation to UW faculty, staff, and students regarding student behavior, mental health, and academic challenges in order to enhance the campus climate for student success. May develop and provide educational programs on mental health issues and wellness topics. May supervise or mentor pre-doctoral interns.

Supervisory Responsibility

Direct supervision of staff is not required within this series.

Job Codes

Grade 08 - 1281; Grade 09 - 1282; Grade levels are assigned based on a combination of position specific factors including education/experience required, job content, responsibility for and impact on end results, and supervisory responsibility. Job codes that begin with '9' are FLSA Overtime Eligible, e.g. 9XXX.

Overtime Eligibility

All positions in this payroll title series are FLSA overtime exempt.

Professional Staff Exemption

Counseling of Students: Individuals responsible for directing and/or participating in providing academic, athletic, career, medical, financial aid, student activity, and/or personal counseling to students.

Sample Working Titles

Learning Disabilities Specialist, Sports Psychologist

Alternative Payroll Titles

If the position provides academic, career, financial, or personal counseling, but does not require a degree in Counseling or Clinical Psychology and licensure as a psychologist or equivalent, consider the Counselor or Counseling Services Coordinator payroll title.


Payroll title descriptors provide a general idea of the type of work performed by jobs assigned to payroll titles in a series. Descriptors do not and are not intended to represent all possible positions in the payroll title series. Payroll title and grade assignments for a professional staff position are based on its position-specific job description (see Professional Staff Position Description form).

Descriptor version date: 5/3/2012 4:10:37 PM