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Professional Staff Payroll Title Series Descriptor
Human Resources Compensation Office

Payroll Title Academic Services - Associate Director, Assistant Director
Typical Responsibilities

Provides direction, leadership, and oversight of an academic program(s) or academic service(s) for students including development of policies and procedures, and managing operations and finances.May also counsel students, supervise other staff, and/or be responsible for outreach to potential students.

Supervisory Responsibility

Supervision of staff is not required, but is commonly found at higher grades in the series. Supervisors have the authority to hire staff, evaluate job performance, and take corrective action if performance is not acceptable.

Job Codes

Grade 07 - 1354; Grade 08 - 1355; Grade 09 - 1356; Grade 09 - 1365; Grade 10 - 1366; Grade levels are assigned based on a combination of position specific factors including education/experience required, job content, responsibility for and impact on end results, and supervisory responsibility. Job codes that begin with '9' are FLSA Overtime Eligible, e.g. 9XXX.

Overtime Eligibility

Positions in this payroll title series are FLSA overtime exempt except when the position's gross salary is less than $455 per week (FLSA salary basis test).

Professional Staff Exemption

Counseling of Students: Individuals responsible for directing and/or participating in providing academic, athletic, career, medical, financial aid, student activity, and/or personal counseling to students.

Sample Working Titles


Alternative Payroll Titles

If this position does not supervise staff, consider the Counselor or Counseling Services Coordinator payroll title series.


At least 50% of a position's time should be spent on directly counseling or directing the counseling of students, or directing academic services or programs for students.

Payroll title descriptors provide a general idea of the type of work performed by jobs assigned to payroll titles in a series. Descriptors do not and are not intended to represent all possible positions in the payroll title series. Payroll title and grade assignments for a professional staff position are based on its position-specific job description (see Professional Staff Position Description form).

Descriptor version date: 5/3/2011 11:22:03 AM