David B. Thorud Leadership Award
Who is eligible for the Thorud Leadership Award?
Current UW faculty, other academic appointees, and staff are eligible; however senior administration at the level of Vice President, Vice Provost, Dean, Chancellor and higher are not.
Are self nominations allowed?
Self nominations are not allowed for this award.
In what format should I submit my nomination or support letter?
We ask that you submit your nominations in a plain text or word document for accessibility purposes.
I hoped to nominate someone who recently got promoted to a position that’s ineligible. Can I still nominate them?
You can nominate them for their previous position and actions associated with it, but anything they have done since their promotion is not allowed to be included in their nomination.
How do I nominate a UW community member for another award outside of the Thorud Leadership Award program?
There’s a list of awards located on the Honors and Awards page, including the Distinguished Teaching Award.
I nominated someone last year, but they didn’t receive the award. May that person be nominated again?
You can nominate the same person once a year for as many years as they are eligible, but those who have already received this award may not be nominated for a second time.
Can I check with the committee to see if the person I want to nominate has already been nominated this year?
If there are two nominations for the same individual, after the nomination deadline passes and all materials have been submitted, we will ask the two nominators to consolidate their materials into a single nomination. There is no need to reach out to the committee.
What makes up a complete nomination?
It is only required that one nomination letter be submitted on the nominee’s behalf, but up to three additional letters of support may be included.