Distinguished Staff Award
Who is eligible for the Distinguished Staff Award?
Individual nominations are open to University of Washington staff in contract-covered, classified non-union, and professional staff positions with a 50% or greater regular appointment and employed at UW for a minimum of six months as of the nomination deadline.

Team nominations: The Distinguished Team Award is open to teams at the University of Washington primarily made up of staff (contract-covered, classified non-union, professional staff) but faculty, grad students and student workers may also be nominated as part of a team.

Who is not eligible?
For individual nominations: Faculty (see next question), staff that fall outside the definition in the answer above, academic student employees, student workers and non-UW staff who work for affiliated organizations (Fred Hutchinson, SCCA, Seattle Children’s, Northwest Hospital, Valley Medical).

For team nominations: Since teams often cross employment types and UW affiliations, the Distinguished Team Award welcomes nominations that include the affiliations listed above as long the majority of the team are UW staff.

How do I nominate a UW community member for another award outside of the Distinguished Staff Award program?
Visit the Honors and Awards page to find all awards, including the Distinguished Teaching Award and Excellence in Teaching Award.
What comprises a complete nomination?
One nomination letter (600 word minimum, but no more than 1200 words) and two support letters (300 word minimum, but no more than 600 words each). Nominations need to be complete and submitted by the deadline.
What is the award for Distinguished Staff Award recipients?
Award recipients receive a cash award of $5,000. A team selected to receive the Distinguished Staff Award shares the award equally, and exclusively, among only the team members who have been nominated. For example, a four-member team would divide the award among the four people named in the nomination.
Who can nominate a staff member?
Anyone currently affiliated with the University of Washington—faculty, staff or student—may nominate a staff member. You do not have to work in the same unit as the nominee or have any particular work relationship/association with him/her.
Do nominations have to be done online?
Is there a limit to the number of nominations someone can receive?
Yes, only one nomination can be submitted per person or team per year. If more than one nomination is received, the nominators will be contacted and asked to consolidate their materials into a single nomination.
I nominated a staff member last year, but they didn’t receive the award. May that person be nominated again?
Yes, the same individual can be nominated each year. There is no limit to the number of times a staff member can be nominated.
Can I nominate someone for an individual award if they are also part of a team nomination?
Yes, a team is considered a separate entity.
What defines a team?
A team is a permanent team or a project team made up of primarily staff positions.
Can I check with the committee to see if the person I am thinking of nominating has already been nominated by somebody else?
No, as a practical matter, because most nominations are received in the last week of the nominating period. You should simply proceed with your nomination. We will give you and the other nominator(s) the opportunity to consolidate your materials after the deadline.
Do letters of support have to be written by University-affiliated persons?
At least two letters must come from persons currently affiliated with the University. One additional letter may come from someone outside the University.
How do I submit my support letter for a nomination?
Email your supporting letter to the lead nominator. The lead nominator will need to cut and paste your supporting letter into the online nomination system.
What is the best format for my support letter?
A plain text or Word document is best. PDFs are okay as long as the lead nominator is able to cut and paste from the PDF.
Are extensions to the nomination deadline ever granted?
We regret that extensions are not granted; nominations will not be accepted after the deadline.