Amenities and guidelines

Last updated: October 27, 2022

When returning to work or school, leaving your baby may be difficult, but finding a place to express milk shouldn’t be. The UW provides private, secure, and clean lactation stations to support nursing mothers. You’ll find them in buildings across campus, at the medical centers and other UW offices.

Make a plan

At least two weeks before returning to work or school, make your plan for expressing milk by finding a lactation station that best meets your needs. Amenities and access instructions vary by location, and are listed in station details. You may also contact the station coordinator for additional information.

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Lactation station amenities vary

Amenities vary from station to station, and may include:

✔ Breast pump (see station details)
✔ Refrigerator for storing milk
✔ Soft seating/comfy chair
✔ Changing table or counter top
✔ Sink access
✔ Tissue/paper towels/wipes
✔ Cleanser or sanitizer
✔ Telephone
✔ Lockers or other storage

For stations that have pumps, you’ll need to bring your own breast pump accessory kit. Kits are sold in the pharmacies at Hall Health and UW Medicine Montlake and Northwest hospitals, as well as Village Maternity in University Village and online. Kits can’t be stored at the station unless secure lockers are provided.

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Find a lactation station

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Can’t find a convenient lactation station near you?

Contact your supervisor for help determining a schedule and location that works. If you are unable to resolve satisfactorily, please contact your HR Consultant for support.

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Supervisor Guidelines

Supervisors should work with employees to schedule reasonable break time for the employee’s need to express milk. If you have questions regarding lactation breaks, please contact your HR Consultant.

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Additional Resources

APS 46.7 Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Employees


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