KinderCare backup care

Last updated: March 30, 2023

PEBB-eligible faculty and staff and GAIP-eligible students are eligible to use KinderCare backup care. Backup care can help if you need time to focus on a project, if your regular caregiver is unavailable or you are between child care arrangements.


  • KinderCare charges $20 per child per day (full or partial day)
  • You may use the service up to 10 times per calendar year.
  • Backup care is provided on a first-come, first-served basis and availability is not guaranteed.

When using in-center care through KinderCare, each child receiving care counts as a use. In other words, your yearly allocation will decrease by two if you send two children to a center for one day. KinderCare provides backup care options throughout Puget Sound and nationwide.

To register

Before scheduling care, register for backup childcare on the KinderCare website. On the registration page, select University of Washington from the drop-down menu and leave the company code blank. For help by phone: 1-888-525-2780 (select option 3).

Requesting care

Once you’ve registered, you’ll get instructions on how to request backup care. On the KinderCare website, you’ll be able to review details about each childcare center.

You are strongly encouraged to request care as far in advance as possible (up to 30 days in advance), to request care at all centers that can possibly work for your family and to confirm care when it is offered to you – even if you may need to later cancel your scheduled care.

If you need to cancel backup care, do so before 5 p.m. on the day prior to your scheduled care. If you cancel after 5 p.m., you’ll be responsible for the $20 per child copay and will lose the day of care from your backup care allocation.