Human Resources

Temporary employment

Temporary employment program

The temporary employment program describes the requirements for all UW temporary hourly positions that use classified titles.

Upcoming changes to temporary employment program

Beginning July 1, 2022, positions that historically have been considered temporary will transition to other employment types.

Change management resources for temporary employment rule changes

Resources to support understanding the temporary hourly staff employment rule changes; intended for use by department managers and human resources staff.

Temporary hourly employee transition

This page provides resources to support understanding how temporary hourly staff will transition current campus temporary hourly staff to new position types by the conversion dates set by their employment program and/or collective bargaining agreements.

Temporary hourly employee data collection

Guidance on using the Temporary Rule Change Employee Types Collection Tool.

Temporary rule change FAQs

This set of FAQs addresses common questions received in office hours and is subject to collective bargaining.