Total Talent Management

Hiring academic student employees

Open hire appointments are covered by Article 13 of the UW/UAW contract covering academic student employees. Open hire positions are those positions not used to fulfill a commitment of support made to a student, either (a) at the time of admission or (b) under an existing advising relationship with a faculty member(s).

Open hire positions may be announced to all eligible applicants within a department without being posted on the UW’s employment website. If you cannot find an eligible applicant within your department, then follow the directions below to post the position on UW’s employment website.

  1. Enter your requisition into UWHIRES. The following fields are required:
    • Payroll Title — enter “Teaching Assistant” or “Research Assistant” in the “Job Title” search field and then click the “Search” button. Select the title with the proper job code. Review classifications and job codes.
    • Location — select the location where the individual will work.
    • Employment program — select “Academic Student Employee.”
    • Position Description — provide a description of the duties and responsibilities to be performed by the appointed individual.
    • Requirements — describe the required skills or academic standing necessary to perform the essential functions of the job. Establish application materials to collect from candidates. These may include unofficial transcripts, writing samples, letters of reference, letter of interest and resume.
    • Establish the timeline for the recruitment per the union contract. You will need to identify the following:
      • Application deadline minimum of two weeks from posting date.
      • Notification deadline — the dates which the department will be notifying candidates of the selection. Typically one to two weeks after the application deadline.
      • Acceptance deadline — the date which selected candidates must accept position in writing.
      • Review the deadline posting requirements in Article 13
    • Less than 12 Months Dates From __ to __   — specify the appointment’s start and end dates. If this is a full academic year appointment, specify if this includes summer quarter.
    • Requisition Approvers — Verify that all necessary approvers are listed and that any unnecessary approvers are removed. Approvers may be pre-set in UWHIRES by your employment specialist per your request.
  1. Once all fields are completed, click “Save” at the bottom of the page. This will create your requisition number and allow you to review the requisition in Draft status.

Once your requisition has been entered into UWHIRES, it then needs approval from the appropriate people in your department and Human Resources. The approval process begins in UWHIRES.

To get your requisition approved:

  1. Initiate the approval process by opening the requisition in UWHIRES and clicking “Edit Requisition.”
  2. In the “Job Status” field, choose “Pending Approval” from the drop down menu.
  3. Click “Save.”

The first person on your approver list is notified of the request for authorization via email. Once the first approver has completed their confirmation, an email will be sent to the second approver. This will continue until all approvers have authorized the requisition.

Your employment specialist (ES) is the final approver on all requisitions.

Cover letters and resumes are available on your hiring manager workbench for review. If you requested additional application materials, you may be able to review these in UWHIRES.

To view the candidates’ resumes:

  1. Open the Manager Workbench and locate the requisition under the “Requisitions” tab.
  2. Click on “Payroll Title.”
  3. Scroll down to the “Candidates” tab in the requisition. Click on the candidate’s name to display their candidate profile and resume. Indicate the disposition(s) that apply to the applicant’s most recent status change to track and document their status in the hiring process.
    • In the Requisition view, scroll down to the “Candidates” tab.
    • Select the appropriate disposition for each candidate from the “Activity Type” drop down menu.
  4. Select the candidates you wish to interview and update their status.

To view cover letters and other application materials, click on the “100%” symbol by the candidates’ name.

Salary is set according to the provisions of Article 14 of the UW/UAW contract.

To complete the academic student employment, follow the post-hiring process below.

First track the hire in UWHIRES by:

  1. Log into UWHIRES.
  2. Opening your requisition in the “Requisition” view and scroll down to the “Candidates” tab.
  3. Click on the “Add Activity” link for the candidate who as accepted the offer. This will open the “Add Activity” screen.
  4. Select “Hired/Accepted” from the “Activity Type” drop down.
  5. Click “Save.” The “Candidate New Hire” screen will appear.
  6. Enter the following information:
    • Hire date – date offer is accepted
    • Start date – date new employee will start
    • Salary amount – defaults to the amount from the “Offer Approval” page
    • Starting Salary – Pay Table-Range or Grade auto-fills based on the job code
    • Prehire Status – select from the drop down menu the status of the candidate hired PRIOR to moving to your position.

Next, complete the hire by:

Update candidates not selected

You also need to update candidates that were not selected. This process is done electronically within UWHIRES as candidates can check their statuses themselves. Follow these steps to update candidates not selected:

  1. Log into UWHIRES.
  2. In the requisition view, scroll down to the “Candidates” tab.
  3. To update individual candidates:
    • Click on the “Add Activity” link. This will open the “Add Activity” screen.
    • Select the appropriate final disposition code from the “Activity Type” drop-down menu for the stage in which the candidates fell out of consideration. By adding this information, candidates can view their status for your position in their UW applicant profile. Candidates will only see “Not Selected,” regardless of what disposition code you choose.
  4. To update all candidates:
    • Select all candidates you wish to change status on by clicking the box to the left of their name.
    • At the top of the “Candidates” tab, select the appropriate disposition code from the drop-down menu for the stage in which the candidates fell out of consideration.
    • Click “Go.”

Note: On your hiring manager workbench, if you have filled requisitions on which candidates have not yet been dispositioned, you will see a tab indicating such. From this tab, you are able to go into a requisition and move candidates into their final disposition status.