Total Talent Management


Hiring process guide

Not familiar with the hiring process? Here you can find the key steps to hire staff.

Hiring classified staff

Everything you need to know about hiring a classified staff position.

Hiring professional staff

Everything you need to know about hiring a professional staff position.

Hiring academic student employees

Your guide to hiring an academic student employee.

Temporary and fixed duration positions

Review your options and find guidance for hiring temporary employees.

Retiree rehire

If you are considering hiring a retiree, you’ll need to consider the retirement program’s reemployment eligibility requirements and hiring process.

Employment of minors

There are special considerations for hiring minors, children between 14 and 17 years of age. Learn about their hiring process and work rule restrictions.

Interview tips

From the phone screen tips and interview best practice to guidance on fair employment inquiries, learn what you need to know for a successful recruitment.

Activity disposition codes

To comply with OFCCP regulations, it is important to keep record-keeping and data requirements that accurately document the search process, both electronically and manually.

Reference checks

At least three references, including one from a current or supervisor, will help guide your final selection process.

Background checks

The offer of employment to UW positions designated as security/safety sensitive must be made contingent upon obtaining a satisfactory criminal conviction history background check.


Use the E-Verify system to establish employment eligibility of newly hired and current employees who directly perform work on a federal contract that includes the E-Verify clause.

Education verification

Offers of employment for certain medical centers staff positions are contingent upon obtaining degree verification.

Employee relocation incentive

Read the details involved in authorizing lump sum relocation compensation and payment of moving expenses when it is a necessity in successfully recruiting or retaining a qualified candidate.