Return to on-site work

Return to on-site work templates and checklists

Return to on-site work workforce checklist – Use the Return to Work - Workforce Checklist (MS Word) as a step-by-step guide to plan your unit’s workforce return to on-site work.

Employee checklist – Employees can use the Employee Return to On-site Work Checklist (MS Word) to keep track of important steps as they plan for their own return to on-site work.

Announcement of return to on-site work template – Use the Announcement of return to on-site work template (MS Word) to announce the return to on-site work to your unit.

Thirty-day notice template – Use the Return to On-site Work – Thirty Day Notice template (MS Word) to provide notice to an individual employee about their return to on-site work expectations.

Workforce telework collection tool – Use the Staff Telework Flexwork Baseline Template (MS Excel) to collect information about staff and student employee telework arrangements. It may be leveraged later this year to update “flags” in Workday.